Improving Care Coordination for Children with Complex Chronic Conditions

The effectiveness of outpatient care for children with cancer and other complex conditions depends on coordination across a diverse group of caregivers that includes parents, community support, and pediatric care providers. While a goal-centered care plan is considered a critical tool for coordinating care, such care plans have not been effectively integrated into the pediatric care system, and current health information technology provides insufficient support for their use.

Through close collaboration with patients and providers, we will iteratively design digital interfaces and algorithms to help teams minimize both coordination failures and coordination overhead. We have already conducted formative interviews that will serve as a foundation for this project. Over the next several years, we will develop a prototype intelligent interactive system for supporting complex care teamwork. We will evaluate its usefulness through studies of its use by medical teams caring for children with complex conditions.

Team: Barbara Grosz, Krzysztof Gajos, Lee Sanders, and one postdoctoral fellow